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AHS Subject Guides: How-to for Teachers: EdPuzzle

The website holds instructional and reference materials for applications teachers use at Amity.



Create beautiful interactive video lessons for your students you can integrate right into your learning management system.

Vicki Hulse’s Tutorial Video

How to videos: YouTube-great resource provided by EdPuzzle.

How to Use EdPuzzle:


- Go to this link for premium EdPuzzle access during the 2019-20 school year.

- Choose teacher account

- Click “Sign Up” and register for an account using “Sign in with Google” and your @amityschools e-mail.

- Return to EdPuzzle and login

- Go to my classes option on the top

- Click on “add class” option to create a class

1. Name your class

2. Invite your students to your class

- Create an activity

1. Search for a video on the channels offered on the left side (e.g., EdPuzzle, YouTube, Vimeo)

2. Choose the video that you want to use. 

3. In the bottom right hand corner click edit. This will allow you to cut your video, record a video, and/or questions. These options are located above the video.

4. To cut/trim a video, move the time bar to determine which parts you’d like to remove from the video.

5. Click voiceover, then start recording when you’re ready to do this.

6. Click questions when you want to add questions. You can add multiple choice, open-ended, or just add a note. 

7. To add an actual question:

- Watch the video and press pause when you want to add a question.

- Click which type of question you’d like to add (multiple choice, open-ended or note)

- Type your question and click save.

- When you’re done with all of your edits, click FINISH in the upper right hand corner.

8. Click Assign in the lower left hand corner. You can assign it to a particular class OR you can click Public Links to obtain a link to add into your assignment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Google Classroom Integration


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