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AHS Subject Guides: How-to for Teachers: PowerSchool Unified Classroom Training 2019-20

The website holds instructional and reference materials for applications teachers use at Amity.

Powerschool Unified Classroom Training 2019-20: Session Goals



Access the instructions available in the PS Training Presentation: (Librarian's Version)*


Session Outline


  • Don't forget to “ACTIVATE” PS class pages, and "PUBLISH" them so students can see them.
  • Follow instructions to handle grades for students with IEPs (Pass/Fail) before the end of the quarter
  • Lisa Lassen will be available in the library after this session to help anyone who needs it.
  • There are 4 building Tech Coordinators who can help with PowerSchool throughout the school year: Ken Clark, John Laliberte, Vicki Hulse and Robert Musco.

  • 1. Review Useful Features (separate directions will be provided)

    • Viewing dropped students and copy grades to/from classes.

    • Transferring grades when students change levels.

    • Handling withdrawn students.

  • 2. Set up grade book: Copy from last year, or set up new if you have nothing to copy

    • Copy Term Weights for quarter terms and exams, and use of Total Points or Category Weights.

    • OR, if you have nothing to copy or want to change, set up the above from scratch.

    • Manage students with Pass/Fail IEPs (before end of quarter).

  • 3. Set up Class web pages

    • Decide if you want "A" or "B"

      • A: "Umbrella" class web pages: multiple sections (periods) and/or levels of the same course are all sections under a master “umbrella” course with a lot of shared content and some individual content.

        • Copy an old class page, create sections for periods and levels, and link a roster to each.

          • OR

        • Start fresh with a new class web page, and then create sections for periods and levels, and link a roster to each.

      • B: Separate class web pages for each sections (period) and/or level of the same course, using the Powerschool pre-made class page.

        • Start fresh by locating the minimum resources in the PS Library, creating a new class web page, and linking it to the existing PS pre-made class page.

      • NOTE: Singletons MUST use PS pre-made class pages.

  • 4. Print rosters in Reports


  • 5. Take attendance

View the Librarians' PS Training Presentation Version.

*adapted from Lisa Lassen's official Powerschool Training Presentation.


More Detailed Instructions


For a detailed step-by-step of specific set-up tasks, look at the 2017-18 training. It is MOSTLY still valid.

Amity High School, Amity Region 5 School District, Woodbridge, CT 06525, 203-397-4844 Librarians: Robert F. Musco and Victoria Hulse Copyright 2017