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AHS Subject Guides: How-to for Teachers: Google: How to sign into "@AMITYSCHOOLS.ORG" Google Tools

The website holds instructional and reference materials for applications teachers use at Amity.

Google: How to sign into "@AMITYSCHOOLS.ORG" Google Tools

How to use Amity's Google account:

All Amity staff and students are set up with an Google @AMITYSCHOOLS.ORG account, a Google service that includes many Google products, like Gmail, Gdrive, Calendar, YouTube, and much more.  

A few key points:

  • Your Google @AMITYSCHOOLS.ORG account is a little different than a regular Google account, because it is an educational account. Some features are different.
  • Your address is NOT a address, but rather ends in
  • Your Google @AMITYSCHOOLS.ORG account is NOT linked to your regular school email account in any way.
  • You can find other users within our Google @AMITYSCHOOLS.ORG system when signed on to your account to email or share documents.

To log in:

1. Sign on from the regular site (this is not the same as signing on to Google Chrome).

2. Sign in using the following user name:

  • yourschoolpasswordamity (the one you had prior to the security change)

3. You will then be taken to the regular Google product page, where you can get to your Gmail, Google Youtube account, or Google Drive. Google Drive is where you can create and share documents and presentations.

4. Student log-ins are slightly different.  Look at them here.

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