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AHS Subject Guides: Reading: 2. Independent Work: Collecting Research and Choosing Topic

This guide includes information literacy lessons created to support our Reading program.

2. Independent Work: Collecting Research and Choosing Topic

Reading: Literacy Workshop

Independent Work: Collecting Research and Choosing Topic  (updated 1-2019)

Information literacy topics covered

- Determining the best sources

- Searching strategies for information

- Evaluating sources

- Using technology tools


Discuss objective: To narrow down 2 issues to a single issue, develop thesis statement from that issue, and find articles relevant to the topic in SIRS, ABC-CLIO Issues, ResearchIT CT.


1. Follow the instructions in the paper form “Step 2 -- Topic and Thesis Statement” to:

- Narrow down your 2 social issues to a single issue from SIRS.

- Read the essential question and summary from SIRS.

- Identify the essential question

- Identify important terms and vocabulary.

- Identify the people affected by the issue.

- Choose a specific essential question about the issue, or develop your own.

- Take a position, and rewrite your essential question in statement form, to create a thesis statement.

- Develop a thesis statement--Fill in form: Topic and Thesis Statement.


2. Search for articles

- Apply the searching techniques you have learned to find articles or sites on your topic.

- Find and print 3 or more articles relevant to topic in SIRS, ABC-CLIO Issues, ResearchIT CT.

- Only ONE article should be just opinion.  The rest should be reporting or primary source.

- Search our databases:


- ResearchIT CT

- Google (we will talk more about open web resources later)


3. Read and save your articles

- Skim the article to see if it is relevant to your topic.

- Save it to Google Drive.

- Think about information you are missing.

- Search for another article.

- Identify gaps in your information to look for additional articles or sites.

- Use your new knowledge to fine narrow down your topic if needed.

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