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AHS Subject Guides: Reading: Independent Reading: Fiction

This guide includes information literacy lessons created to support our Reading program.

Independent Reading: Fiction

Content Literacy

Independent Reading: (updated 9-2019)

Information literacy topics:

- Reading for pleasure


Objective: To identify genres, styles, and narrative content of fiction books, to develop a personal approach to personal reading habits.


Learning Expectations:

Academic: “Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively read a range of texts with varying complexity.”


1: Find the activities for this class, at:

Amity website→High SchoolAHS Library Information Center

(tab) Find Online Stuff→By Subject→Reading

(tab) Reading and Literacy Workshop →“Independent Reading: Fiction”


2. Presentation:

Present broad “genres”/categories of fiction, with 2-3 specific examples from books.

Genres, or Categories

- Sports


- Heroics

- Life’s Problems

- Alternate Worlds


3. Activity: “Book Tasting” 

“Browse” 1 book for a minute, check whether you might be interested and move to another book.  Do this 5-6 times (or as time permits).


4. Activity: Worksheet    

Complete book tasting worksheet to list books you’re interested in reading.


5. Activity: Select a book

Select a book you’re interested in and begin reading!

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