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AHS Subject Guides: Reading: Note-taking in EasyBib

This guide includes information literacy lessons created to support our Reading program.

Creating Notes in EasyBib

Creating Notes with EasyBib


Information literacy topics:


  • Taking notes

  • Using technology tools


Objective: To use a web citation generator (EasyBib) to create citations and bibliographic references, and organize notes.


1: Find the activities for this class, at:

Amity website→High SchoolAHS Library Information Center

(tab) Find Online Stuff→By Subject→Reading

(tab) Class Projects →Content Literacy→ Creating Noteswith EasyBib

2. Discuss Objectives


3.Practice taking notes.


3.a. Sign into EasyBib as before.


3.b. Go to the “My Projects” in the top menu, find your project, and click on “Notebook”.


3.c. Create a new note under the NEW NOTE tab.




  • Write a title that represents the basic idea of your note.

  • Choose one of your source citations from the dropdown menu.

  • Cut and paste a QUOTE, or write a paraphrased note. Hint: take the time to create a well-written note NOW, that could get slotted right in your paper.

  • Save the note.


3.d. Create a second note in the same way for the same article, or another article.


3.e. Practice joining notes together to make a GROUP.

  • Drag one note on top of the other, and release it to create a GROUP.

  • Name your GROUP. A group can be a category or theme that both notes address. We are pretending that the two notes deal with the same specific topic.


3.f. Create two more notes, and make a new GROUP.


4. Create an outline:

  • Drag your GROUP of two notes to your OUTLINE on the right.  The GROUP has become a heading, and each note is a sub-heading.

  • You can change the relationships in your outlines


5. Create a text document of your notes:

  • Choose PRINT to

  • Select Sort by GROUP, so your notes are arranged by your topics.

  • You can now put this in a Word or Google document to build into a finished paper.

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