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AHS Subject Guides: How-to For Students: Screencastify

This guide provides information about how to use the technology tools included in classwork.

Screencastify: How to record webcam and screen activity

How to Install and Use Screencastify

Screencastify is a tool for recording and editing screencasts or webcam videos. 

You must be in Google Chrome, and first install and enable an extension when prompted. Everyone signs in using "Sign in with Google", with your account. Here is a text and screenshot guide to get you started quickly.


Students can also use Screencastify to narrate a Google Slideshow, a PowerPoint, or record themselves on a webcam. The same directions apply.

The librarians have two tutorials available through the above link. They are available separately at:

Video Tutorial: Screencastify: How to record your screen/webcam activity and edit (16 min.)

Video Tutorial: How to install and use Screencastify (5 min.)


If you prefer to use the materials published by Screencastify itself, look at these instructions. Start with the "Beginner's Guide" from the User Guide.

Drawing Tools

How to Use Drawing Tools

- Make sure you’re on a live webpage (not a blank tab).

- Click on the Screencastify button to start recording

- Choose the options you’d like and then click “Show more options”.

- Make sure “Show Drawing Tools” is turned on.

- Click Record.

- In the lower left hand side of the screen, a toolbar will appear containing the following:    

  • A pause button so you can pause your recording
  • A cursor with three options: a mouse pointer, hide cursor when not moving the mouse, or highlight clicks
  • A pen that you can change colors. When done with the pen, click the cursor to turn the pen feature off.
  • An eraser
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