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AHS Subject Guides: History: Brechlin

This guide includes print and online resources for History/Social Studies: Courses include: American Government, US History, Critical Issues, Geography, Law and Justice, Multiculturalism, World History.

Chicago Style Formatting

Chicago Style Resources

Citing Chicago Style - Quick Guide

Excellent set of examples published online by the University of Chicago Press (straight from the horse's mouth).


Citing Chicago Style - Purdue OWL

Very practical and reliable guide published by renowned Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL).


Sample Chicago-style paper:

Footnotes and bibliography style paper (works best with Google Docs)




Brechlin: 1920's, Introduction to Research Resources

J. Brechlin

U.S. History 2 (11th Grade)

UNIT: Prosperity to the Great Depression 



Introduction to Research Resources

Information literacy topics:

  • Determining best sources

  • Searching strategies for information

  • Evaluating sources

  • Using technology tools


Objective: To understand the characteristics of available reliable print and online sources for research, concentrating on encyclopedic/reference works and popular, websites, and to practice searching these sources.


Objective: To learn to access appropriate online research sources, to practice effective searching strategies, and to summarize information from text.


  1. Go to session instructions at:

Amity web pageSchoolsHigh SchoolLibrary Information Center

Find Online Stuffby subject→HistoryClass Projects→Brechlin.

  1. Presentation and discussion: searching online catalog for books. (sample 1920 research topic: Hollywood and 1920's Look at hints below.
  • Try straight keywords.  Found something?  Browse subject to find more.
  • Can’t find more? Go to QUEST to shelf browse to the left and right.
  • Can’t find more? Try broader category search with keyword.
  • How about all the psychology as a subject?
  • Too many hits?  Use choices to limit search to BOOKS, and since F is Fiction, limit search to non-fiction (000-999). You could also limit to R (reference books) R 000-R 999.
  1. Practice: search online catalog independently (library web pageFind Physical StuffLibrary Catalog)

Fill out this Google SURVEY to describe a result that might have useful information.


  1. Discuss features of the online research tools and allow for individual searching.


ABC Clio : American Government

*comprehensive electronic library of historical reference materials


*mix of periodicals

History Reference Center

*full text for more than 1,990 reference books, encyclopedias, non-fiction books, and academic journals

American History in Video

*online video allowing students and researchers to analyze events in America's history, and their presentation over time through different media‚Äč

A number of books have been reserved on the following topics and placed on two carts.


Brechlin Lesson: 1920’s Project Directions


Chicago Style Citations with EasyBib

Citations Using EasyBib - Chicago Style

Sign up for an account in EasyBib.

Follow these instructions:

Please use the high school coupon code: "amityregionalhs1"

Practice creating citations.

  • Click on +New Project

  • Name the project, choose Chicago  as your default style, click CREATE.



  • Go to Bibliography (where you create your reference list)

  • You are ready to create a citation list.


Practice COPYING a citation for a database article (ABC-Clio).  

  • Go to this article from a database. Find the citation at the end of the article, or click on “Cite this document”. Copy the citation (use Chicago format).



(If the link doesn’t work, here is the citation below:)

"Gillette v. United States (1971)." American History, 2000. Accessed March 4, 2015.

  • Cut and paste this citation directly in EasyBib.  Go to “All 59 Options”, then “Write/Paste Citation”.


  • NOTE: There is an “Export to EasyBib” option, visible when you clicked on “Cite this document”.

  • You can check the accuracy of your citation by looking at the Chicago guide HERE.

Practice: EXPORTING a citation for a database article in JSTOR (register here).  

  • Register for an account in JSTOR, so you can access from home, and save your citations.

  • Search for the article titled: “Three Conscientious Objectors.  Open the article

  • Click on CITATION TOOLS. SAVE CITATION to save it to your JSTOR account (recommended, so you don’t lose the article).

  • Click on CITATION TOOLS/EXPORT CITATION (choose RIS file, and download it to your desktop).

  • Upload the citation file to EasyBib. Go to “All 59 Options”, then “Upload/Database Import¨”. Find your file, upload, and you will see it in your bibliography.

  • Edit and correct the citation if needed (no import is always perfect).


Practice; Creating a MANUAL citation from a book.

  • Go to Bibliography, go to the Book tab

  • Make a MANUAL citation using:

    • title

    • author

    • publisher

    • copyright date

    • pages used - or whole book?

  • NOW try an automatic citation:

    • Search by title, authors, or ISBN (every book has a unique number on the barcode) - 0375400524.

    • If you find the right book (check title, author, publisher, and year), choose that book.

  • Now check the manual citation you wrote against the automatic citation. Are they the same?

Practice creating a citation for a print version of a periodical/magazine.  Go to the magazine article, and choose “Magazine” under “All Sources” on EasyBib

Practice creating a citation for a website WITH an authorUniversity of Chicago: William P. Thayer has an extensive Latin course website - "LacusCurtius:Into the Roman World".  This source includes references to texts, secondary works, and topical sub-sites.


Practice creating a citation for a website WITHOUT an authorHistory Channel The A&E Television Networks, LLC have a great deal of historical documentaries and information as articles, videos and can even shop!

Additional Online Resources

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University has an entire set of online guides for writing research papers, including materials on how to cite and format documents in the major citation styles.

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