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AHS Subject Guides: Reading: 4. Independent Work: Close Reading and Note-taking

This guide includes information literacy lessons created to support our Reading program.

4. Independent Work: Close-Reading and Note-taking

Reading: Literacy Workshop

Independent Work: Close-Reading and Note-taking  (updated 1-2019)

Information literacy topics covered

- Taking Notes


Discuss objective: To conduct a close-reading of research articles and identify main ideas and key vocabulary, and paraphrase facts and opinions.


1. Practice “Close-reading” articles

    - Work with teacher to carry out close-reading of sample article


2. Follow the instructions in the paper form “Step 4 -- Close-reading and Note-taking” to:

- Determine if your article is mostly explaining facts (reporting) or opinion (editorial).

- Write the name of the article.

- Read the article through once for understanding.

- Write the “gist” of the article (a sentence that explains what the article is about) 1-2 sentences

- Re-read, and put a bracket around each main idea in the article.

- Write the main idea next to each bracket in the article.

- Identify and define key vocabulary.

- Identify and record facts from the article, in your own words.

- Identify and record opinions from the article, in your own words.

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