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Library Databases: Amity Links

This list of library databases is meant as a backup to the library web page, and is periodically updated to reflect changes there

Amity Links (as of 3-25-20)

Note: Please forgive awkward formatting; this resource is a back-up from the library web page. 3-25-2020


Our goal here is to compile the most frequently-used links to information and tools that teachers, staff, and students need to navigate the ever-shifting terrain of the school-scape.  Is something missing? Let us know by submitting a suggestion on our home page.

Absence Management for Teachers:

Frontline Absence Management (formerly known as AESOP) is a web service where teachers can enter absences, check their absence schedule, and upload your lesson plans for substitutes to view online.

ESS (Munis) will no longer be used for time-off requests, though it is still active for pay/tax/insurance information. You received an email in May of 2019 to update usernames and passwords. It is possible to chose your school email address as a username. 

Acceptable Use Policy

The Amity Regional school district requires that students agree to the Acceptable Use Policy for technology use.

A NEW student registering for the first time has to have parents submit the agreement for the Acceptable Use Policy through the InfoSnap process, available here. This information is then uploaded to PowerSchool by the Technology department (email Stacy Peck, Administrative Assisstent, Technology Department, at:

After the registration period ends, CURRENT student who have not completed their InfoSnap online must submit the signed paper version of the AUP agreement (last page) to the Tech office.  


School closing notifications are sent to the news outlets, WTNHWFSB, CTWeather, and NBC CT News 30. You can sign up for automatic alerts on these news outlets.

Automatic alerts can also be set through PowerSchool by setting your preferences there. 

Parents can set up their preferences to receive automatic alerts, used for different kinds of announcements, through Powerschool by updating their contact information.

Amity Morning Update (School Announcements)

School announcements and newsletters.

Amity School Store

The online school store for Amitywear and more.

Amity Theater

Follow this link for tickets and information. 

Amity Useful Documents

Have you every wasted time trying to find that email with the updated bell schedule, or the instructions for how to use Naaaviance, Power-thang, or JoAnn Gentile's popular Pay Dates 2014-15?

Well you can rest easy.  Each time we receive one of those fascinating email with attachments, we will be adding it to our Amity Useful Documents link.

Athetics at Amity

View the current calendar, and lots more information from the Athletics department. School schedules are also available at the Connecticut Sports site (search under "Schools").

Atlas (Curriculum Mapping)

Amity's instructional curriculum. Log in with, or sign in with Google.

Bethany-Orange-Woodbridge Librarians

BOWA Librarians web site for shared information.


"Includes both the EdReflect observation platform (formerly called "Bloomboard" to document the teacher evaluation process, and the Bloomboard Marketplace for PD materials. Instructions on using Bloomboard are available through Lisa Lassen's "How-to" Handouts" on the school web page. Additional information might be available through the library's Useful Documents section, which has a range of school information.

Board of Education Streaming Video

Amity Region 5 Board of Education meetings are streamed live and then available for viewing.


Amity 2018-19 published district calendar

Amity 2019-20 published district calendar

Amity HS Events Calendar

To view all Amity events, to go the FS Facilities Calendar. , and filter by location.

Coffee Orders

The Amity Transition Program is handling orders (twice a month) for coffee pods for the Keurig machine in the faculty room.  Please add a one-dollar donation per order to support Transition Program activities, and make checks out to “Amity High School”.  See products and pricing.



Clever is a single sign-on system that gives access to many of the online platforms we use at Amity. Teachers can set up a password through the “Get help logging in!” password reset, using their email as a username. Students can do the same using their email as their username.

Copy Requests

Teachers can use this form to request copies from the copy room. Load up to 3 files per form and add special instructions. When your job is completed, you will receive an email.


Common Core and SBAC Information

Lisa Lassen’s useful information related to Common Core and SBAC Testing, available from INSIDE the school at: 

\\woodbridge02\Common Core

Copy the link above, go to the START button in Windows, click on "Computer" in the window that opens, and replace the word "Computer" in the address box with the link.

Conferences with parents

Teacher conferences are now done through PowerSchool.  You can refer to these instructions on how to access them.

Computer Lab Reservation System

Reserve a lab for days with regularly scheduled classes (staff only). As of 2019-20 the Technology department is operating a new system through PowerSchool.

Sign into PS Unified Classroom, and go to “Quick Links”, then “PowerTeacher Portal Home”.

in the left sidebar, click on “Ecollect Forms”, and scroll down to “Reservations”.

Hint: View the calendar view.  You can only view one COW or lab at a time. Click "Enable multiple sections". Green dots are available times. Chose all the times for that lab/COW, and the number of bookings will increase in the blue "Book" icon.  Click the icon to book. Please contact Technology for questions or problems.



This link will take you to the subscription databases that Amity has for research. It is also available under our "Online Stuff: by name/database" link.

Digital Literacy

Common Sense Education is a private organization dedicated to offering resources to help students understand safe and ethical use of technology. Their Digital Citizenship instructional units are available for free online.  

Discover Video

This service allows teachers to upload and share videos for instruction within our school.  As of August, 2019, the Amity High School Library Collection is not longer available. Sign-on requires computer username, NOT email address.


As of November, 2018, the Amity email domain is now, though emails to should still work for the foreseeable future. From the web, go to To set up email access from a mobile device, use these instructions.


This is the web page page for Amity's yearbook, where students, faculty, and the community can order.

ESS Employee Self-Service

Employee payroll and benefits information.

Username:  [firstinital][lastname][last 4 of Social Security]  (no spaces).

Password: (ask us for current password) (you will be prompted to change it)

Facilities Request (see "SchoolDude")

See "SchoolDude" to make requests related to building maintenance, technology help, and room reservations.

Facilities Forms

Most facilities forms are available in Outlook.  Sign into Outlook on your school computer, or your @reg5 mail from a web browser, and look in the folder labeled “Public”.


Field Trip Calendar

All information needed for field trips is available here.  Approved field trips can be viewed  on the facilities calendar.

Teachers email field trips and in-school activities to the Attendance office, in one of these two formats.

Format 1, Template: Sign into your PowerTeacher home page. Click on Student Directory. Copy and paste student information into this template

Format 2, SQL Report: Sign into your PowerTeacher home page, click sqlReports 4, click on the arrow next to Misc Student Reports and choose Student Info - Name, grade and id number. Click submit. Download the result to Excel. 

Frontline Absence Management (formerly known as AESOP):

See "Absence Management for Teachers"

Global Compliance Network (GCN)

Global Compliance Network (GCN) is a system to provide and record all mandated trainings for staff.  Go to to create an account, following these instructions for first-time users. Afterward, access the system at using the Amity Organization ID: 169047a, and the username you set up (logically, your school username (e.g. SmithJo).

Google for Amity Schools

Amity's Google for Education services Click here for instructions about teacher and student log-on.

Haiku Learning (classroom Learning Management System)

See "Powerschool Learning".


Historical grading information from our old system.

Library Administrator Stuff

2017-18 Library Report

2018-19 Library Report   

Library Catalog (Destiny)

Direct link to find books and other materials in the Amity High School Library catalog.



Library Computer Logon Log

(Administrative use only)

Use Explorer link: file://amity-ds/MC_Logs/index.html

Library Computer Maintenance Log

This is a log for library staff to keep quick tabs on computer problems to report to the Tech Office.

Link Alert

Link Alerts are online requests for assistance asking for peer intervention for freshmen whom you believe might need special help or encouragement.  All requests will be seen only by the Link Crew Coordinators (Jennifer Bonaldo, Wendy Carrafiello, Scott DeMeo, and Tasia Kimball) who will then assign a Link Crew leader to help offer support to the freshman you have identified. (You will never be identified as the person who submitted the Link Alert.) 

Lunch Table Reservation (see Reservation, Lunch Table)

Link to sign up for a lunch table.

Mandated Staff Training

See "Global Compliance Network".

MUNIS for Employees (see ESS Employee Self-Service)

Employee information management and time off.


NAPS home access to your personal space on Amity's servers has been replaced by Remote Desktop. Sign in to the faculty page to get started.


Naviance is our student recommendations and college application platform.

Student and parents log in here. Username is firstname.lastname (password you created)

Teachers log in here.

Our Amity account is: arshs

Contact Guidance to reset account if you can’t log in.

Naviance "Family Connection"

Student recommendations and college application platform.

​NGSS New Generation Science Standards Assessment

This is the portal for teacher administration of the NGSS test, using the TIDE portal from the CT Test Administrator Interface. Teacher username is  Passwords need number, letter, and special character. Use “Forgot password” to reset your password if needed.

NoodleTools for Citations and Notes

NoodleTools is Amity’s subscription citation and note-taking platform. Like the old Easybib, it allows you to create citations, take notes, and link those notes to the specific citation the information comes from in an article, book, or web source. 

With your full-service premium account, you will be able to access your citations and notes from anywhere! Use your email address to sign on with Google. Problems? See these log-on instructions.

PLC Introduction to Library Resources for Teachers

Follow this link to find this activity, which presents some of our library resources.

PowerSchool for Administrators

What it says.

PowerSchool Unified Classroom


An integrated grading and class web page platform for teachers, students, parents.


Go to

As of November 19, 2018, teachers use the “Sign in With Microsoft”, with as their username. 


User guides are available here:

Have you been invited to join a special section?  Use this invitation link, and the code you were given.

PowerTeacher Instruction and Training

Professional Development Class Signup

Teachers and staff now use Powerschool to sign up for PD.  Log into PS Unified Classroom, go to Quicklinks, then PowerTeacher Portal Home, then ECollect Forms, and the Other Forms tab, to find the PD session (staff only). More detailed instructions are available.

Remote Desktop

Home access to teachers’ personal space on Amity's servers is provided by Remote Desktop. Sign in to the faculty page to get started.

Reservation for Lunch Tables

Link to sign up for a lunch table.

Reservation System for Computer Labs

See "Computer Lab Reservation System".


SchoolDude "My School Building" Service Request

Make requests (staff only) for building maintenance, technology help, and room reservations. For repair or custodial issues click the “Maint Request” tab, for technology problems click the “IT Request tab”, and for room scheduling click the "Schedule Request".Staff accounts now use the email logon.
First-time users should register for an account following these instructions.
Anyone else who has ever used SchoolDude should use the "Forgot Password" function.

Scheduling (choosing your classes)

You can view the materials you need to choose your schedules, including course selection sheets, Program of Studies, and 4-Year Graduation plan.


Screencastify is a tool for recording and editing screencasts or webcam videos. You must be in Google Chrome, and enable an extension when prompted. Students and teachers sign in using "Sign in with Google", with your account. To get started, look at these instructions. Start with the "Beginner's Guide."


Senior Service Learning Program (SSLP) the Senior Interest Project (SIP)

Senior Service Learning Program (SSLP) and the Senior Interest Project both give students an alternative to traditional classwork for the last several weeks of school.  Students can arrange either an outside internship (SSLP), or an individualized and independent project of their interest in school (SIP).

Updated information about the SSLP and SIP experiences can be found through the Counseling office.


See Athletics at Amity.


Please use this link for the sportsfolio assignment.

Please use this link to Coach Mahon's sportsfolio assignment

STAR testing

STAR testing is the assessment that is being used for ongoing progress monitoring of English and Math skills in the high school.  Teachers can find current schedules and proctoring information in the Standardized Testing folder of our Useful Documents. To log on, use your established password with no capital letters. You will be prompted to update your password. Admin accounts have a minimum 10 characters.)

Study Island

Students:     Username:  your school username (smithjo23)

Password:  your six-digit PowerSchool and lunch ID, found in PowerSchoolUnified Classroom, Quick Links, PowerSchool Portal.

        More information is at the student link/resources.

Teachers:     Teachers can use “Clever” single sign-on (See instructions for Clever.)


Username: email

Password: “Teacher Number”, located in Powerschool Quick Links/PowerTeacher Portal Home/Ecollect Forms/Teacher ID (left-hand sidebar).

Teachers can see student usernames and passwords on the “Teacher Page” in Study Island.

Teachers' Web Pages

Here is a link to Amity HS teachers' class web sites from the high school staff web site page.

Technology for Teachers 

Technology for Teachers includes how-to guides, Tech Ed instruction materials, etc. 

Theater (see also Amity Theater)

Follow this link for tickets and information. 


Read the latest edition of Amity's own in-house publication, the Trident, online.

Useful Documents

These are the kind of documents, including school procedures and policies, forms, schedules, etc., that are sent out by email during the year, which we have compiled into one site for your convenience. Some are mostly used by teachers, but some are used by students and parents.

WB Mason (administrative use only)

Log on using the school-supplied username and password.

Put items in cart, note down pricing, then empty cart.  Do not order online. Follow MUNIS procedures to order.

Web Pages for Teachers

There are several good online tools for creating a free teacher web page.  Our current school web-page vendor, SharpSchool, allows teachers to create their own page. Contact our technology coach to get started.

You can follow these instructions to create SharpSchool Teacher Pages.

Short training instructions from our PD class

Longer chapter instructions from SharpSchool

Writing Center

For writing help from other students, visit the Writing Center located in Room 103.

The Writing Center has a staff of tutors who are willing to help you at any stage of the writing process for any written task you have (in any subject!).

Yearbook (see Embers)



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