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AHS Subject Guides: Physical Education and Health: Benvenuti

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Benvenuti: eBooks with BookCreator

Mr. Benvenuti


Using BookCreator  (updated 2-2020)

Information literacy topics:

- Using technology tools


Objective: To effectively use the BookCreator platform to create an online eBook that takes advantage of the full possible range media contect to present a narrative (children’s book).


Learning Expectations: 

Academic-Writing: “Students will produce and distribute a variety of writing designed to entertain, inform, or argue, as well build and present knowledge derived from research.“

Academic-Problem-solving: “Students will use appropriate tools strategically to solve problems.”


1. Discussion:

We are going to discover how to use the BookCreator platform together as you begin to produce your eBooks.


Look at these examples:

Girls Don't Play Basketball by Leah Ray

Graphic novel-style (narration included, no video)


The Magical Moustache by Mrs. Goodwin's 2nd Grade Class

Graphic novel-style (limited voice-over, some video, some sound effects)


2. Getting started

- Go to

- Sign in as a STUDENT. Use your Google account.

- In “LIBRARIES”, go to “Join a Library”. Use the join code: -



- Use the to start your book.

3. Add your text, images, and sound. (Hint: Write and refine all your text first in a Google doc so you don’t lose it.)


4. Learn how to do more by following these instructions from BookCreator.

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