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AHS Subject Guides: Reading: 3. Avoiding Plagiarism through Effective Paraphrasing

This guide includes information literacy lessons created to support our Reading program.

3. Avoiding Plagiarism through Effective Paraphrasing

Reading: Literacy Workshop

Avoiding Plagiarism through Effective Paraphrasing (updated 1-2019, V. Hulse)

Information literacy topics covered

- Taking notes

- Avoiding plagiarism (when to cite?)

- Following guidelines on use of copyright/ intellectual property


1. Objective: To understand what plagiarism is and its consequences, to recognize how the skill of paraphrasing helps avoid plagiarizing information and ideas, and to paraphrase a reading.


2. What is plagiarism?  


3. How does a teacher or anyone know that something is plagiarized?


4. How does plagiarism happen?

- Intentional

- Unintentional


5. How do you avoid plagiarizing?

- Cite your sources.

- Use quotation marks where needed.

- Accurately paraphrase information.


6. Paraphrasing--What is it? How do I paraphrase?  Watch video.


7. Practice: Worksheet

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