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AHS Subject Guides: How-to For Students: How to Sign up for NoodleTools for Citations: 7th/8th/9th Grades

This guide provides information about how to use the technology tools included in classwork.

How to Sign Up for NoodleTools: For 7th/8th/9th Grades

Activate your account in NoodleTools

For 7th/8th/9th Grades


2. Activate your own personal account through your Google account.

Go to the NoodleTools log-in screen.


Enter your Google account email.

Click “Sign In with Google”.


Re-enter your Amity Google account email, and your Google password.


For 7th/8th/9th Grades: (for 10th, 11th, 12th grades, look here).


Select a location (“Amity Regional High School”) and “Continue”.


Choose “Create Account” and “I am a student…”.

Click “Create Account”.





Update your graduation year.

Click “Save Profile”.


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