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AHS Subject Guides: How-to For Students: How to Sign up for NoodleTools for Citations: 10th/11th/12th Grades

This guide provides information about how to use the technology tools included in classwork.

Activate your account in NoodleTools: Step-by-Step Instructions

2. Activate your account in NoodleTools

For 10th/11th/12th Grades and Teachers


2. Activate your own personal account through your Google account.

Go to the NoodleTools log-in screen.


Enter your Google account email.

Click “Sign In with Google”.



Re-enter your Amity Google account email, and your Google password.


For 10th/11th/12th Grades and Teachers: (for 7th, 8th, 9th grades, look here).


Select a location (“Amity Regional High School”) and “Continue”.


Choose “Create Account” and “I am a student…” or “I am a teacher...”.

Click “Create Account”.




If you get a warning that you have an existing account, go back and choose “I have an existing account”.

For an existing account, enter the password you used last year for NoodleTools. If you don’t remember it, you the librarians can reset it for you.

Update your graduation year.

Click “Save Profile”.


You are now in Noodle Tools!  

Your new username is your Google email address and password.


Under “My Profile” make sure your  first and last names are complete.



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