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AHS Subject Guides: Technology Instruction for Teachers: PowerSchool Unified Classroom Training 2018-19

The website holds instructional and reference materials for applications teachers use at Amity.

Powerschool Unified Classroom Training 2018-19: Session Goals

Session Goals:

  • 1. Setup grade book (copy from last year, or for new teachers, set up new)

    • Year weights

    • Total Points or Weighted Categories


  • 2. Roll-over old Class Pages, copy old Class Pages, or create new Class Pages.

    • Decide if you want multiple sections (periods) of the same course to be different class web pages, or “sections” under a master “umbrella” course.

    • Re-use old class websites you made last year, OR...

    • Use class websites PowerSchool automatically creates, OR...

    • Create new class websites.


  • 3. View your new Teacher Evaluation Class Page in Powerschool


  • 4. Print rosters


  • 5. Take attendance


View the Training Presentation, and follow the instructions.


More Detailed Instructions


For a detailed step-by-step of specific set-up tasks, look at the 2017-18 training. It is MOSTLY still valid.

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